Dear Anuradhaji, Ketan and the entire team,
Thank you for your lovely sets, decorations and personal help. We all loved your work, help and participation. Thank you, million of times

-Sita Ram Foundation and Natraj School of Dance (10/23/2010)


Kanak Uncle and Anu Auntie,
Thank You so much much for everything during our wedding this weekend! You and Your team did an excellent job with all our décor. We are very much appreciative of all your hard work in making our day phenomenal! Thanks!!

-Rajeev & Sweta (11/12/2010)


Hi Sobi and Kanak,
We just wanted to take a moment to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did this week.  The house decorations were so beautiful; I was stunned when I walked into the house.  The decor really brought the wedding-feeling to the house and everyone all week gave so many compliments on the wonderful job you guys did.  As for the wedding ceremony, the mandapam was gorgeous, the Ganesh table was beautiful, the extra gate out front was lovely, the draping on the sides added such an elegant touch that really made the place look complete.  Thank you so much for adding that in, it really made such a big difference.  The way you set up the bride and grooms lunch table was really fantastic.  Everything was perfectly done for the ceremony.  And of course the reception…. words cannot describe how wonderful the reception looked, even better than I had imagined it.  The floral arrangements were so beautiful, the wish tree was absolutely perfect and magnificent, the little touches everywhere like the flowers on each napkin at each place setting was perfect, the stage was stunning!  I loved how you did the draping and the hanging crystals, a huge hit!  You brought such a soft, elegant and beautiful feel to the whole place, which everyone really appreciated and gave numerous compliments about.  It was an absolutely pleasure working with you both over the past few months!  Every girl dreams of how her wedding will be…. not only did you play a huge part in making that dream come true, but you both went above and beyond what I envisioned and made the most important day in my life so much more special and memorable.  Thank you both so much!

-Ragini & Sujoy (11/27/2010)


I just want to say that Mandap Creations and especially, Sobi did an exceptional job for my Wedding events.  I was blown out of my mind when I saw my Sangeet and Reception hall decorations.  It was more than I expected and Mandap Creations did everything I asked for and more.  My husband and I were very pleased with them and I trust them to do a phenomenal job at any event.  Thank you so much for a dream come true wedding!!!

-Naureen Sultanali


 Mandap Creations does what no bride thinks is possible: they improve upon our dreams of the perfect wedding and turn years of imagining & yearning into the most magnificent & flawless décor that surprises you with more brilliance at every precise detail you encounter on the big day! MC was always accessible to answer our infinite questions during the planning stages, and the fine quality of their materials & their amazing work ethic are unparalleled! MC – thank you for creating a wedding day etched in my memory forever filled with beauty, love and laughter! Not only have my best friends already decided to go with MC for their weddings, but local competitors have worked themselves into a frenzy trying to acquire the unique, refined materials that make MC

far superior than the rest.

-Shruti Chudasama

Sachin and I cannot express to you how delighted we are with the way the décor for our wedding and reception turned out.  Your team exceeded our expectations by paying attention to each and every detail and the final product was absolutely breathtaking!  Not only were we happy with the final outcome, we equally valued the excellent service you provided us through out our entire planning process.  Brides can be very demanding and challenging to work with, but despite my ever changing requests and sometimes unconventional vision, Karishma was always there to listen to me and worked hard to make sure that my dream wedding came true.  She offered excellent suggestions that were right on point with my vision and was flexible when I needed to make modifications.  For me, it was important to work with wedding vendors whom I trusted and who made me feel confident about their services so that I could focus on other things during the weeks, days and day of the event – and your team was definitely able to provide us with that peace of mind.  Compliments from guests who attended our wedding keep pouring in.  People in Dallas have said this was one of the most beautiful weddings they have attended and that it was a breath of fresh air.  Our mandap was so unique and was accented perfectly with the florals, our reception centerpieces with the green lights were the talk of the night, the cake table with the backdrop mixing western and eastern styles was amazing, and of course all the small details that we did not even discuss like decorating the podium and all the skirting was the icing on the cake.  I could go on and on about all the fabulous details.  Thank you once again for everything you have done for Sachin and I.  I am so delighted that we decided to work with you and wish you continued growth and success in your wedding decorating business

– Millie Gautam; Dallas, TX


Mandap Creations decorated all the events for my wedding and made each one perfect. The reception was drop dead gorgeous! As soon as I walked in, my mouth dropped and I gaped in awe. It was somewhat of a winter theme with lots of blue and white. Each table had it's own ambiance and the flower arrangements had blue lighting in them, which I have never seen before. The wedding decorations were not as flashy but suited the event perfectly. The mandap was a crystal mandap covered with beautiful white flower arrangements. The garba centerpeice contained an amazing model of a hill side and waterfall, with a small mist surrounding it.
A true testament to Mandap Creation's passion and dedication was before and during the mendhi party. The event was to be held outdoors, and a tropical storm was moving towards Florida. This obviously posed a problem, and Mandap Creations was able to tent the entire area and beautifully decorate it, to the point that you would think that that's the way it was supposed to be set up from the beginning. Though, by a stroke of good fortune, the storm decided to take a break for that evening, the fact that Mandap Creations was able to come up with a solution under the distress of the bride and her parents is a testament to their dedication to providing a once in a lifetime experience for their clients.

-Nirali Vora; Daytona Beach, FL


Original! Brilliant! Elegant… is how people described my wedding. What Mandap Creations did, I can’t call a job or service… they treated me like family and made my day magical. I got married over 6 months ago and we are still get calls telling us how stunning the wedding was. They ARE very busy people and for good reason, but they always let me know if it was a bad time and would always call back and give me 100%. They worked with me on everything possible including budget and times. They even drove 4 hours to check out my venue ahead of time, as I explained that it was not the typical layout for an Indian wedding. They also fixed our wedding bouquets last minute (as I was upset with the florists work) and they were gorgeous! They turned an unattractive school cafeteria into the talk of the town for the Sangeet portion. They listened to all my concerns and put me at ease when we joined our visions… they were right on, with everything. They were worth every penny and more.

-Uma Patel; Tyler, TX